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NEW - 2018 Beta 300 Race Edition

2018 300RE left.JPG

Enduro21 just named the 300RR 'Bike of the Year' ... and they didn't even get to ride the Race Edition. Beefy alloy footpegs and a smattering of red anodized bits add to the goodness, but are overpowered by the functionality of the Sachs closed chamber fork. Beta updated the frame, front and rear suspension, clutch, cylinder, head, and piston, then wrapped the bike up in some revised plastic and new graphics - a great bike made even better!

This one has Bulletproof rad guards, Fastway handguards, and an FMF Q Stealth Shorty spark arrestor, but we can make yours exactly how you like it.

NEW - 2017 Beta 250 Race Edition

250RE for sale resize.jpg

Perhaps one of the best woods bikes available today. Not so much torque as to get you in trouble when you're fatigued but a strong mid and top and a perfectly spaced 6 speed gearbox make this 250 feels light and racy.

Outstanding suspension action courtesy of closed-chamber Sachs fork and highly adjustable Sachs rear shock, customizable by PlusOnePerformance to your weight and speed.

Ask about financing and delivery options, and as always, additional hardware purchased with the bike is installed free of charge during prep. This bike has Fastway handguards with threaded mounts already installed.

New - 2018 Beta 125RR

Beta 125RR right resized.JPG

A fresh new idea from Beta - a light and potent 125cc woods machine!

Conceptually related to the 250 and 300cc rides, this small bore two-stroke is the perfect bike for young riders moving up to a full-size bike or for grizzled veterans looking to put the fun back into riding.

Lightweight and ergonomically trim, the 125RR debuts a brand-new engine with reverse acting hydraulically actuated clutch.

In stock and ready to be tailored to your specific needs.

NEW - 2017 Beta 300 Super Smooth


Gorgeous red and white uber trials mount, this 300 Super Smooth has the finesse to match the power of its 300cc motor. 

2018 Beta EVO 200 - Secret Weapon


Quite possibly the perfect bike for beginners and experts alike - 200cc of pure trials joy! 

2018 Beta 350RE - Fully Vetted and Ready to Go


A fantastic bike made even better for 2018 with the addition of a second fuel injector, a new frame, and a six-spring clutch. We've upped the ante even more by adding the following:

* Flexxbar handguards with threaded inserts
* Flexxbars with ProGrips
* Enduro Engineering radiator braces
* Samco silicone radiator hoses (thermostat eliminator)
* Enduro Engineering clutch slave protector
* Dirttricks countershaft dome washer
* Fasstco rear brake clevis and return spring kit
* Michelin Star Cross 5 soft tires
* PlusOnePerformance hardcoated fork tubes
* 2017 rear fender and sideplates with PlusOnePerformance graphics
* street title

2016 TM144EN - Dealer Demo / Development Bike


2016 TM 144 EN - this bike will put a smile on your face every time you ride it!

* Michelin Starcross 5 tires (new rear)
* Flexxbars with Flexxbars/Fastway handguards
* hardcoated KYB fork tubes (not shown) with custom PlusOnePerformance valving
* new 50T rear sprocket and Regina chain (5/18)
* new top end (5/18)
* new clutch (5/18)
* ProCircuit pipe and 296 spark arrestor
* ignition/power valve map switch
* custom afterhourscycle.com/PlusOnePerformance COR graphics
* only 205 pounds!

2016 TM300EN dealer demo - Enduro Weapon

rt side resized.JPG

If you're looking for a thoroughbred race bike of the highest caliber, the TM300 EN is it!

Fitted with the following components:

* PlusOnePerformance tuned suspension
* Michelin StarCross5 Soft tires
* ProCircuit pipe and silencer
* Enduro Engineering hand guards
* 48T rear sprocket (50T available)
* ProTaper bars 

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