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After Hours Cycle is an extension of Plus One Performance LLC, Metro Detroit's exclusive suspension maintenance and development shop for off-road and trials motorcycles.

As our name suggests, we work while the other guys are sleeping, going to the movies, or watching TV, but we like to race and trail ride just like you.

 We may not always answer the phone when we're working on someone's shock valving or on the trail, but leave a message and we'll usually call you back within 24 hours.

If you're surfing the internet you might find us as 'motoxgiant' on Thumpertalk and ktmtalk.com, and 'twowheels' on Betarider.org and gasgasrider.org

The best way to contact us is by clicking the email tab or by calling or texting Steve Beane at 313-918-8944.

About After Hours Cycle

After Hours Cycle is working hard to be the Mid-West's foremost Beta and TM dirt bike dealer, but we've also got happy customers in California and Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Swaziland, Australia... and lots of places in between . If you're in the market for a new ride or just need quality parts or off-road racing accessories, give us a shot - you'll be glad you did.

You can stop by the shop in Dearborn if you like, but you're more apt to see us and these great motorcycles at an AMA District 14 Harescrambles or Enduro event or on the awesome trails in and around Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. We've even been known to hand deliver parts to customers as far afield as Arizona. We're also open to offers to race with customers - like at the 24hr Arcadia Bark Busters event. Armed with knowledge from competing in the inaugural event, Team PlusOnePerformance is going for the gold this year.

In the meantime, take a look around the site. Call us if there's something you  like, something you think is missing, or if you just want to talk about riding.

About PlusOnePerformance

Some shops will claim to have better prices, and most other dealers have fancier showrooms, but nobody does more to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether you've got AA speed, only vaguely remember hitting third gear once a couple years ago, or are trying to figure out the beast called trials ... you will be treated like a factory rider at PlusOnePerformance.

Come join a select group of customers that enjoy personalized service. PlusOnePerformance focuses on providing the right solution to the issues you may be having with your dirt bike.
We'll develop a specific plan to tune your bike to perfection - for YOU.

Whether it's four stroke valve train maintenance, suspension lowering, or ride personalization, we work to make sure the end result is right for you.