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... About PlusOnePerformance

Michigan is where we call home, but we have customers from as far away as British Columbia (and Ontario and Virginia and Iowa and Pennsylvania and SWAZILAND!... ) Here's what a few of them had to say ...

" Got to ride the shock today for a full tank of gas. Works great, just slowed the rebound two clicks and ran the sag at 96mm.Was able to ride a couple of tracks, sand, mud, hills, roots, creeks and some flowing trail. It tracked well and was easy to keep traction on hills. I was jumping flat landings enough to make my neck sore and not bottoming out." Blake - Beta 250RR owner

"Just wanted to post a review and say thank you to Plus One Performance. Sent my shock off a for a revalve and had it back the following week, which was actually quicker than my local tuner did on my last bike. Steve answered all my questions and always responded pretty quickly. I'm not super sensitive to suspension but felt the shock should track better under acceleration over roots and bumps and after the revalve it does. If you are thinking of getting a revalve or other suspension work I would highly recommend you talk to Steve (two wheels) at Plus One." - Barry - Beta 300 owner from betarider.org

" Suspension feels awesome!! Can't wait for Sunday!! - I love it! Thanks again! " - Eric - 2017 Beta 300RE owner and race winner 

" You are the man. You saved my vacation. I will definitely contact you for more parts in the future." Kyle - Beta 300 owner

" After setting the sag and a few clicks on each (Sachs fork and shock), the bike settled in really well. The forks are soooooo much better and responds so well to the clickers. They work so well through the full stroke with consistent feel. I love it. Thank you for the help." - Jim - Beta 350 owner

" I was going to call you and complain about what I didn't like about my suspension, but there wasn't anything to complain about so I didn't call. You definitely sprinkled some magic pixie dust on these forks." Steve - Sachs CC fork owner

" I was going to sell my bike because my wrists hurt so much when I rode, but you made my forks fantastic! I had to call and tell five people the bike was no longer for sale."   Jim - Beta 300 owner

"Thanks for the quick service. PlusOne is the best at service!"    Brett - TM and Beta owner

"The PlusOnePerformance mid-valve mod was the biggest single improvement (to the Sachs forks). I am very appreciative of your help - chaps like you make owning a less well-known brand worthwhile."    Simmo737 - Australia by way of gasgasrider.org

"Had the GG out this weekend to test suspension adjustments. The first thing I did after cleaning up my bike was to put your stickers all over it ... good work. If you ever get some larger ones shoot a few my way and I'll turn my Gasser into a virtual billboard." David B - Plano TX

"While supporting your local dealer has merit, if local is not too local all you need is Steve's number/email in your phone. Find something you need during a late night wrench session? No problem. Ships in the AM ! I love it, hardest part is keeping grease off the phone!" Glenn - New Jersey by way of betarider.org

"You need to send it to the experts. I would absolutely not give to a local guy just because he is local. I talked to Stillwell, PlusOnePerformance, Kreft and LT racing about revalving. i went with PlusOnePerofmance mostly because he makes his own shims, mods his own pistons, doesn't do 20 forks a week, etc etc. He was also the least expensive at $460 for everything. The suspension is now extremely plush, but does not wallow at all." Krannie from TT, reworked Beta Factory suspension (2016)

"I'm extremely happy with my suspension."    Matt B - Yamaha mounted 250A enduro rider, now a happy Beta owner  

" After getting about 10 hours on the bike, I really think you nailed it on the head with your valving. Bike is very controllable and plush, which is exactly what I asked you for. I am very pleased with your work, and several other local Beta riders who thought their suspension was perfect have tried my bike and are blown away. You will probably be seeing some more work coming your way from Colorado, once we finally get some snow. Thanks again, from another very satisfied customer!"   Joel, 2015 Beta RR owner

" Call Steve Beane at After Hours Cycle ... he'll hook you up - great guy to deal with"       Ernie Scarr - thumpertalk.com

" GG and Beta are lucky to have U. Your knowledge and enthusiasm has benefited all of us."     Bob - Gasgasrider.org and Betarider.org forum member

" That was only my second ride since getting suspension redone. I have to say WOW, you nailed bike feels great. I have a friend on a 2015 250rr that did the BYOB and has Stillwell suspension. He is not happy with it. He rode my bike and now is planning on having you do his. Thanks again and great job."    Levi - Beta 4T owner

... About Beta

"I just want to say, going through this bike front to rear and setting it up, its the best built, highest quality off road motorcycle that I have ever laid a wrench on. Everything fits perfect, lines up, no BS. The detailing is great, and its super easy to work on. Not much to complain about in the shop that's for sure. Only the spark plug access is a bit tough, that's it... Can't wait to hit the woods this weekend!"   Glenn - 300RR Race Edition Owner

" So that is what I have to report on the Beta ('15 430RR). It is a nice bike. It is not quite a full race bike as delivered, but fantastic for trails. It reminds me a lot of the old 400cc class bikes that were so popular because of their ease of use and versatility. As much as anything, it perhaps makes me think of extreme enduro where finding traction is a premium and top end power is secondary ...

Regardless, this is a riders bike. It will make the average rider better. The power is super usable and often seems just right when you need it most. If you are looking at a Beta for the first time, give it its due, this is a quality package that is worth a look." Chilly White, Enduro360.com 

[for the full report click here ] 

"Oh I love it! Everyone that has been on it says that is the best investment I had ever made. I can't complain one bit about the bike, it's perfect in the woods on a mx course. I've even rode it to work one day."  Matt B, proud owner of a Beta 350RR (efi)