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Lots of dealers can sell you a bike or some parts, but we want you to be totally happy with your decision. A lot of that comes from working with top quality vendors to develop or source parts that will make your riding more enjoyable. If we endorse products, it's because we have had good experiences with them ourselves or have credible sources that will vouch for their performance. PlusOnePerformance is an authorized dealer for a growing list of industry-leaders  that include KYB and Ohlins suspension, AMSOIL, DirtTricks, ProMotoBillet, Rekluse, Sicass Racing and Enduro Engineering. We also stock a variety of jets and other goodies to make your TM, GasGas or Beta work better - call us!

Flexx Bars

These incredible bars add one more level of control and comfort to your ride. Coupled with suspension tuning by PlusOnePerformance and handguards and clamps by Fasstco or Fastway, Flexx handlebars give you the ultimate front end performance for your off-road bike.

IronMan Sprockets / Regina Chains

We're carrying Beta-spec Ironman front and rear sprockets and Regina chain, and what we don't have in stock we can get on short notice.

The sprockets wear, well, like iron, and the chains are available in standard, O-ring, and X-ring configurations. Rear sprockets now in colors as well as the traditional chrome. We also have Dirttricks rotors for Beta.

Call or shoot us an email for applications and pricing. 

Fastway / ProMotoBillet

We're happy to announce that we're now carrying the Fastway / ProMotoBillet line of products, including the F.I.T. line of handlebar clamp/handguard/damper mounts, the new Fastway System 3 and System 5 steering dampers, and customizable F3 footpegs

Rekluse Clutch Products

PlusOnePerformance is now an authorized dealer for industry's leading auto-clutch manufacturer. You should also know that Rekluse designs and makes clutch hubs and plates that take conventional clutches to a whole new level.

MotoSeat Seat Covers

Available in plain, old-fashioned black or in multi-color designs for GasGas' from 2007-2013, Betas from 2013 on, and current TMs, these seat covers are tough and sticky. Top notch workmanship graces these American-made seat covers that we have been assured won't bunch or wrinkle.

HYDE Racing

We're pleased to add HYDE Racing products to the growing family of off-road goodies we use and represent. Besides the well-known pipe guards, they also offer skidplates for Beta and GasGas models as well as a variety of other machines. Tough stuff!

TM Designs Glide Parts

Chain sliders, frame guards, chain guides, even rear disk protectors - TM Designs are at the top of their game, providing very durable and functional driveline components.

Bullet Proof Designs

Tough protection for guys who ride their bikes hard. Radiator guards machined from billet aluminum, front and rear rotor guards ... pretty much the beefiest bike armor you can find. Available for Betas, Gassers, and bikes of many other colors.


When you're looking for top-notch off-road hard parts, Enduro Engineering should be one of the first names that comes to mind. Call us for details on disk guards, radiator braces, skid plates, tall and standard height soft seat foam and much more. 


PlusOnePerformance is an authorized AMSOIL retailer, so whether its Dominator premix or oil for your street rod, we can hook you up. Dominator mixed 50:1 with 91 octane ethanol-free gas is the mainstay in our own race bikes.

SICASS Racing Street Legal Kits

Street-legal kits are in development for the full line of Beta enduro bikes. The bikes are already fitted with a super-loud horn and brake light switches on both ends, but the Sicass kits will add proper license plate illumination and offer turn indicators as well.

Also available 

* left bar switchblock elimination kits that move the kill switch to the right bar (shared with the start button)
* "Jenny Craig" left bar switchblocks that are half the width of stock, recovering precious handlebar real estate
* hidden ignition switches that render the e-start AND kickstart unable to start the motor

TM enduro bikes include the side indicators (not mounted), but we've had Sicass develop a new switchblock with a more conventional kill-switch location and smaller form factor.

UnaBiker Radiator Guards

Innovative radiator guards that incorporate a machined front screen (replaces stock louvers) to prevent stick intrusion into your tender radiator core as well as provide lateral stiffness. Mount without draining fluid or removing hoses.

Other Bits and Pieces

Suspension parts

* Sachs 4.8, 5.0, 5.2, 5.4, 5.6, 5.8, and 6.0 shock springs 
* KYB 4.7 kg/mm titanium shock spring

* WP 76-250 spring - perfect for the big boys (210-215#)

* KYB 0.47 fork springs
* Sachs 0.42 and 0.44 fork springs

* Sachs shock (demo) fits 2013-17 Betas

2001 YZ 250 parts

* dirt track wheels and tires (19x1.85 DID and 19x2.15 Excel rims; 27.0x7.0x19 CD5 and 27.5x7.5x19 CD5 Dunlops)
* dirt track suspension (2001 spec 46mm shortened forks and 1999 shortened shock)

2005-2010 YZ125 parts

* Fastway handlebar clamp/handguard mount for 7/8" bars (100x33)

GasGas parts

* factory flag handguards (black, white)

* factory fanny pack and tool kit

Beta parts and accessories
* a wide selection of Beta OE gaskets, filters, seals, guards, clutch plates, plastic etc., etc.
* pipes and silencers by FMF and ProCircuit
* Boano upper and lower triple clamp assemblies (rubber-mount and solid mount bar options) for Beta 2Ts
* numerous repaired radiators
* a wide variety of aftermarket parts for your 2T or 4T Beta

Jetting and Carburetion

* we've got an assortment of brass on hand, as well as the carb-mounted choke knob kits, plus we're always trying to keep up on the very best jetting specs for your TM and Beta

Beta and TM Clothing and Accessories

We've got a decent stock of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats in stock so you can tell the world what your favorite Italian princess is. Call for details.